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Elevate your table with our ceramic Madras 6 trivet, hand glazed in Sisters, Oregon. These trivets serve as pieces of functional art that will keep your surfaces safe and protected from serving dishes, bowls, cast iron pans, kettles, and whatever else you may have floating around your home.

  • Food Safe 
  • Non-Slip and High Heat Resistant tile: Protect your countertop or table from hot pot, cast iron, baking pans, kettles, hot dishes coming out from the microwave or stove
  • Decorative designs will enhance the decor to your home
  • Hand glazed in Sisters, Oregon
  • Easy to Wash: hand-wash our ceramic tile trivet or put it into the dishwasher
  • Each piece is hand painted with ceramic glaze and fired at 1825°F so can withstand very high temperatures 
  • 6"x6"